Welcome to my self guided London walks

Hello. My name is Richard Jones and I’d like to welcome you to my free DIY London walking tours each of which will introduce you to some of the many wonderful places that London has to offer.

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I have been devising tours since 1982 and have put this selection of free walks together in the hope that people will find it useful and will use it to help them explore and discover London.

You will find a series of in depth walking tours that cover a wide range of themes, such as Dickens London, Jack the Ripper’s East End, Haunted London, Shakespeare’s lost City, as well as a diverse selection of neighbourhoods such as Chelsea, Soho, the Inns of Court, Hampstead and Greenwich.

It is my sincere wish that people will get the most out of these walks and that they will use them as they see fit in order to see more of London and discover for themselves what a truly magical and wonderful City this is.

To that end the DIY walks that appear on this site are 100% free and it is my intention to keep them that way.

Self Guided Walks With Step By Step Directions

Each of the walking tours featured on the site offers you the opportunity to explore the Capital’s better known and lesser known sites and sights.

They have been carefully mapped out to provide you with step by step directions to enable you to explore one of the world's greatest cities in your own time and at your own pace.

You Can Watch Videos of the Walks

I’ve also put together a series of videos that will enable you to look at and get to know the streets through which you will be walking before you actually set out.

Lots of Great Information About London’s History

In addition to the planned routes you will also be able to read a great deal about the Capital’s history and learn more about famous figures from London’s past. In this way you will be able to to gain an understanding of the characters whose names will crop up as you make your way around your chosen route (or routes) and, in so doing, enjoy a rich and rewarding experience.

You Can Also Join Me On A Guided Walking Tour

In addition to my free self guided London walks, I also conduct regular guided tours. These take place almost every day of the week and feature topics such as the Secret City, the London of Dickens and Shakespeare, Ghosts of the Old City, and my ever popular Jack the Ripper Tour. For 2013 I’m also pleased to announce a new tour that looks at London’s more unusual and quirky history and which I’ve titled “It’s A Funny Old City.”

You Can Plan Your Journey


Of course half of the fun of exploring any city lies in getting there! London is no exception. To that end, I’ve added sections that will help you plan your journey to your chosen walk and ensure that you enjoy a trouble free experience. I would, for example, recommend that you check for any travel delays before you set out. You can do so on the Transport For London website by clicking here.

The Weather

Another important consideration when planning for your walk around London is what the weather is going to be like. Obviously you’ll want to take appropriate clothing because, as they say, there’s no such thing as bad weather only inappropriate clothing. You can check the weather forecast before you set out at the Met Office website. and then dress accordingly.

Plenty of Extra Information To Enhance Your Tour

I have tried to make the site as comprehensive as possible and have included, where appropriate, links to other websites that I think will prove useful to you whilst planning for one of my London walks.

I am constantly researching and honing the site and I will keep adding information as and when I come across anything that I think might prove useful.

Likewise, if you happen to spot something that you think might prove useful to others, or if you have a website that you think would benefit my readers, then please contact me and let me know about it so that I can check it out with a view to featuring it.


I Hope You Enjoy These Tours

So, get ready to don your walking shoes and set out to experience the many and varied magical treasures that London has to offer has to offer on this series of fascinating walks that will take you through the colourful past and vibrant present of a city that has spent 2,000 years preparing for your visit.